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Summer Salad

Living in a house without air conditioning has made this summer a little bit more difficult to tolerate than I expected.  Of course, I have no reason to complain.  The ocean is part of my backyard.  Surviving the heat on Vancouver Island is much easier and more enjoyable than almost every summer I’ve had in Toronto.

Hot meals in the summer don’t appeal to me too much. Especially when it requires me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with the oven on.  My place heats up quick!  Thankfully, I’ve recently started to get weekly veggie baskets from a local farm.  Most of the veggies can used in a salad which is one of my favourite summer meals.  The best part about this salad is I had all of the ingredients at home!  There’s nothing worse than being one key ingredient short of a delicious meal.

The veggie base:

I started with a spring mix and tossed in some collard greens.  For some crunch, i shredded some carrots and cabbage and sliced up  cucumber.  Then I threw in some finely sliced purple onion.

The dressing:

The creamy dressing is avocado and herb based courtesy of Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows .  The recipe can be found here.  It’s one of favourite dressings of hers.  I halved the recipe, added hemp seeds and used maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.  It’s nutrient packed and full of flavour.  I really liked using avocado in the base of the dressing instead of topping up my salad with it.

The toppings:

I used chick peas as croutons for some extra protein and because I am gluten free.  I used the roasted chick pea recipe from Oh She Glows, it’s used on the Kale Caesar Salad recipe. If you are using this recipe as an entree, I would also suggest throwing in some left over meat from the bbq.  I used chicken.

This salad is refreshing,filling and very satisfying.  Even though it is both gluten and dairy free, I think it will be enjoyed by most!


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