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Dr. Jules Passy, Naturopathic Doctor

“Bulletproof” Coffee

I LOVE coffee.  I originally tried adding coconut oil to my coffee when I was eliminating dairy from my diet.  I love the taste so much now that it’s hard to have coffee any other way!

There are many benefits of coconut oil but here are a few of my favourite reasons for adding it to my coffee in the morning;

- it increases satiety

- it decreases the coffee caffeine spike

- it is energizing

- it boosts brain power

Once your coffee is made, throw it in a blender (make sure your blender is able to release heat), with a good heaping teaspoon of coconut oil.  Sometimes, I throw in a small heap of ghee too (but it is not needed).  Blend on medium intensity for 15-30 seconds and you should have a rich, creamy, delicious coffee.  Finally, I usually top it with cinnamon because it helps regulate blood glucose.




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